Surgery Center Tour


Upon arrival, you'll notice a warm, friendly atmosphere and personal attention from our staff. Since we live here, our patients are also our friends.  We are part of this great community.



 As you enter the Surgery Center, you will also notice that every detail has been carefully planned for your convenience and comfort. 




We specialize in same day surgery.  This allows us to devote individual time and attention to you,  so your visit is a pleasant one.








As you pass through the door to the Pre-operative area, you will note a phrase over the entrance that embodies the spirit of the center:

                      "The future belongs to those who 
                          believe in the beauty of the dream."

Eleanor Roosevelt 



Operating Rooms

We have the most up-to-date surgical equipment for your surgeon to use.

Our staff is specially trained to serve the needs of the one-day surgical patient. 

Your surgeon performs the procedure, assisted by our registered nurses and trained technicians, and monitored by an anesthesia team member.





Rush Surgery Center has two fully equipped operating rooms.  Combined, these two operating rooms have been designed to handle up to 400 surgeries per month.  This truly makes us prepared for the future. 







Designed with maximum sterility and loaded with supplies, we are ready for skilled and dedicated surgeons to provide our community with the kind of quality that we have needed for a long time.









                       Pre  &  Post Operative Area


After your surgery, you will be moved to our fully equipped recovery room where you will be attended to by our recovery room nurses.  This usually is about one hour. 


At the appropriate time, we will release you to return to the comfort of your own home.






While problems rarely occur, our center is fully equipped with all the necessary staff and equipment to care for a patient who has an unexpected complication. Our staff is also trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.


                                      Ask your doctor if he or she will do your surgery
                                                        here at Brookings.