On The Day Of Surgery


When you arrive at the surgery center, you will find a friendly staff who want you to feel comfortable and secure.






Ambulatory (One-Day) surgery usually includes these steps:
     - With children, an adult must stay at the surgery

       center with the child.
     - With children bring a comforting toy or blanket.

     - Shower or bathe, to reduce the chance of infection.
     - Wear loose, comfortable clothing to the Surgery Center. You will find this especially helpful when

       returning home, as you will want to avoid any unnecessary pressure on sensitive surgery sites. 

     - Wear flat shoes. Slip on styles are best.
     - A friend or relative should accompany you to the center.
     - Be sure to be on time so the surgery schedule can go as planned.
     - A final review of your medications are done.  Sometimes medication is given to relax you before

       the operation.
     - Routine tests are done.  These include temperature, blood pressure and pulse.
     - You will be checked for any recent medical problems and asked to sign a consent or permit forms

       for the operation.
     - You may be asked to change into a gown.  
     - Leave your jewelry and valuables at home.
     - You may be asked to remove  dentures, glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids.
     - Anesthesia is given for your operation.  If you are under local anesthesia, do not be alarmed

       by the lights, activities and devices in the operating room
     - Your operation is performed in one of our new operating suites. 
     - In the recovery room, you rest after the operation.  Your temperature, pulse and blood pressure

       will be checked frequently.  Children are usually allowed to have a parent nearby.
     - Instructions for your home recovery are given to you.  Ask questions about anything you do not               understand.  
     - Find out from us the best way to manage any pain that may result and if you are receiving any