Primary Care Physicians (MD, DO, OD, FNP, PA) can refer patients to one of our surgeons.  

To initiate that process, our recommendation is to download the Pdf forms listed below for the selected surgeon:

  1. Hand the Doctors Bio to the patient which outlines a brief biography of the surgeon so the patient can have some advance information prior to his or her initial visit. When the surgeons office calls, the patient can enter the appointment date at the bottom of this form.  This form also has the surgeons phone number at the bottom which allows the patient to call if circumstances change. 
  2. Fill out the Referral Form and Fax it to the Fax number provided on the form.  Also Fax any relevant additional information that you feel supports your referral or emphasizes the urgency of the referral.  From that information, the surgeon's staff will call the patient to set up the appointment.  


               Glenn Levine, MD, FACS (General Surgery)

                     Dr. Levine (Bio)

                     Dr. Levine (Referral Form)

               Reginald Williams, MD (General Surgery)

                     Dr. Williams (Bio)

                     Dr. Williams (Referral Form)    

               Jon-Marc Weston, MD  (Cataract & Laser Eye Surgery)

                            Dr. Weston (Bio)

                     Dr. Weston (Referral Form)

               Chris Amsden, MD    (Pain Specialist)

                      Dr. Amsden (Bio)

                      Dr. Amsden (Referral Form)

               John Hunts, MD, PhD   (Oculo-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)

                      Dr. Hunts (Bio)

                      Dr. Hunts (Referral Form)

               Douglas Johnson, MD   (Internal Medicine)

                      Dr. Johnson (Bio)

                      Dr. Johnson (Referral Form)