Rush Surgery Center News  

Jan. 2015

Rush Surgery Center is extremely pleased to welcome

Dr. Brett Pariseau, Oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon.

He will be providing new and advanced procedures.

He recently completed a fellowship training with widely

recognized authorities Dr. Richard Anderson and Dr. John

McCann at the Center for Facial Appearances in Salt Lake

City, Utah, and with Dr. Jonathan Dutton and Dr. Amy Fowler

at the University of North Carolina.

He is specializing is eyelid malposition, facial skin cancer

resection and reconstruction, facial dystonias and migraines,

lacrimal system disorders and orbital disease, facial trauma,

thyroid eye disease, facial cosmetic surgery and botulinum toxin/fillers. 


Nov. 2014:

Curry Health Network added surgical Pain reducing procedures to the 

offerings at Rush Surgery Center.  We are pleased to announce that

Dr. Chris Amsden will be providing pain management services starting

on December 2014.  He has a long history of working  with people 

who have severe pain problems.  Severe headaches,

shoulder pain, back pain and leg pain can now receive help that

may allow some of them to eliminate medications they had been

required to use in order to reduce some of their debilitating

pain problems.


Dr. Chris Amsden has a long history of working  with people 

who have severe pain problems.  He has moved to Curry County

recently from the east and is providing many of these advanced

pain relieving procedures at Rush Surgery Center.


April 2014:

Curry Health Network adds new procedures to the offerings available

at the Rush Surgery Center.   In April, Colonoscopy was 

added to the available procedures.  New health care policies emerging

from the 2008 "Affordable Care Act"  make it clear that, in the future,

Surgery Centers are the only facilities that will be able to provide

many of these traditional procedures at these new, substantially

reduced, fees.


Colonoscopy was a target procedure that Curry Health Network wanted

to expand.  Many individuals in the county neglect having this routine

procedure done because of the high cost at a hospital.  Yet, 1 in 20 

individuals will develop colon cancer in their lifetimes.  The American

Cancer Society recommends a colonoscopy at the ages of 50, 60 and again

at 70.  A single polyp in the colon can unexpectedly turn into a cancer 

without any pain or apparent disruption in bowel movements.  CHN wanted

to encourage more attention to this deadly and silent killer.


February 2014:

Curry Health Network purchased the Rush Surgery Center business

from Jon-Marc Weston, MD (Roseburg, Oregon).


At the time of purchasing, the center was providing Cataract surgery and

Oculoplastic Facial surgery to the people of Curry County and Northern California.


The Surgery Center has two fully equipped Operating Rooms.  It is 

staffed by local nurses and an increasing number of doctors.  It is attractive to

surgeons because the efficiency in a surgery center makes their valuable

time more productive.  Additionally,  the costs to their patients is often

reduced by more than 50%.